Saturday 7 October 2017

Art on My Sleeve - Open Call

Bob Prophette and Hydra Projects are delighted to announce....Art on My Sleeve

A unique opportunity for miniature scale 2D and 3D art works.  Do you have or would you like to create an artwork for display in a unique mobile venue, estimated to be seen by 200-300 people per day and soon to be featured in the media.

Bob Prophette is an artist living in London with an unusual approach.  He likes to look at art in a different way - outside the usual gallery system.  He recently suffered the loss of the face and mechanism of his  grandfather’s watch - an elegant Wittenauer /Longines gold timepiece - while playing with friends in Victoria Park London. He intends to use the the housing as a new gallery space, suitable for miniature 2D and 3D art works.

The first work to be displayed will be by the Australian designer Angela Groundwater, this will be followed by UK poet Peter Handley's work and then Chilean Photographer EnriqueVerdugo.  Each exhibition will last for one month.  Following these openings the space will be open for another 9 months to artists who respond to this open call.  The three invited artists and Bob Prophette will select the art works for display.  The exhibition will be marketed aggressively to the media and will be documented in a full colour book and website.

So if you are interested in working outside the mainstream - joining artists who are passionate about changing the way people view art (in all senses) then submit a short proposal together with an image if possible.  There is no fee for application and no criteria.  Everyone is an artist and all art is welcome.

The space is circular, approximately 2.8 centimeters in diameter.  It is suitable for 2D works (photographs, paintings, words) or 3D works. 3D works ideally should not be taller than 3cm.  The taller the work, the more robust the structure has to be to withstand the inevitable bumps of everyday life.

Saturday 18 March 2017


The cornershop is open.  A collaboration between Hydra Projects, Louise Woodcont and Mr Peter Handley.

Sunday 11 September 2016

Status of the Artist 2016

This work is a gallery installation of a point of sale printer which prints the UN Recommendation on the Status of the Artist (see installation example in the film).  This work is a reflection on this text. The formatting draws on the idiosyncratic nature of the UN language and highlights interesting features such as the definition of the Artist.  The use of non-archival thermal receipt-paper as a medium reflects both limitations of the UN declaration and the pressures of commercialization in art.

Tuesday 6 September 2016

New Book

Following on from the success of Hydra Projects previous publications we're delighted to announce the availability of our latest book. I'm Kamp is a radical re imagining  of Hitler's Mein Kampf with the LGBT slang words put back in.

It is in the long tradition of attempts to deal with racism by ridiculing it and it is hoped will find a place in the heart of anti-fascists everywhere.  Especially Rotherham.
Its currently available via epubli and will soon be on Amazon.

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Friday 17 June 2016

Circus of the Mind invited to Festival 23

Those lovely Discordians have invited Bob Prophette and his Circus of the Mind to be amongst the attractions at Festival 23.

Bob Prophette, the world’s foremost (and only) Metaphysical Bookmaker will be bringing his Circus of the Mind to delight the crowds at Festival 23. Circus of the Mind is a three ringed circus of feasts for your intellect and imagination featuring games and performances associated with Metaphysical Betting (anything unprovable but “true,” Bob is the bookmaker for you); the Court of Moral Ambiguity (let Bob challenge your rationalisations of morally ambiguous acts and find out just how morally ambiguous you really are); and the Confessional for Modern (Cognitive) Sins (confess you sins of memory, decision making and bias to Bob and receive the absolution you deserve). So look out for Bob the Bookie, Bob the Judge and Bob the Priest and discover something new about yourself and others.  You may even get a chance to punish Bob for his sins.  Now where is that whip?

Tuesday 7 June 2016

Wallets of Wisdom a huge success at How The Light Gets In Festival 2016

Although not invited and not exactly made welcome Wallets of Wisdom appeared at the How the Light Gets in Festival in Hay on Wye this year and also the Hay Festival itself.

100 Wallets stuffed full of wisdom and wise-ass-ness were lost over the 10 day festival. Many of the Wallets were retrieved and the Philosophers and Music lover's additions were noted.  They included:

- a sanitary pad
- a shoe lace
- used train tickets
- Norwegian tram tickets
- over £2.00 in change (thanks)

No actual wisdom has so far been detected, but hopes remain high.

Until next time.